Binnen 18 maanden Scion iQ in Amerika


Het lijkt erop dat Toyota binnen 18 maanden de Toyota iQ met een EV motor in Amerika op de markt gaat zetten. Het bereik ligt ongeveer rond de 50 mile en ligt daarmee net onder die van de Nissan Leaf. Volgens mij komt deze variant dan ook op de Nederlandse markt. But it was Toyota’s confirmation that the electric Scion iQ will hit U.S. dealerships in 2012 that caught us by surprise. Why’s that? Prior to this announcement, Toyota had not officially committed to a launch date for the electrified iQ. Now, it seems, the all-electric Scion iQ will be America-bound in less than 18 month’s time.

Toyota’s electrified minicar, with its estimated range of 50 miles, will face fierce competition from vehicles like the 73-mile rated Nissan Leaf, 85-mile “best case range scenarioMitsubishi i, and, if Think Global survives bankruptcy, its 100-mile rated City electric. With electric vehicles already having been condemned for not hitting advertised range ratings, one has to wonder if Scion’s electric will be a success in the States. Of course, the battery-powered Scion iQ’s MSRP has yet to be announced and the vehicle’s price is sure to influence potential buyers one way or the other.


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