Prius plug-in leverbaar begin maart in USA

Prius plug in 2012

Via is te lezen dat de Prius plug-in begin maart op de markt komt. Tevens een aantal leuke details

The Toyota Prius Plug-inis coming in early 2012, and, according to AutoblogGreen tipster usbseawolf2000, here are a few interesting details:

  • Two trim levels
  • Five exterior colors
  • Deliveries tentatively scheduled for March/April 2012

November, it seems, is the month when Toyota will start taking orders for the Prius Plug-in. Come January 2012, the pluggy Priuses will start rolling down the assembly line. Not convinced? Check out this Toyota start-up date sheet posted on and see for yourself. As for the Prius Plug-in’s MSRP, how does a ballpark figure of below $30,000 sound?

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